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Garmin 405

Joined: 20 Jun 2009
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Maryland, United States
Posted: Sat 20 Jun 2009 07:27 pm GMT   topTop
I posted this in gadgets as well - just hoping for some quick help before tomorrows run. Thanks!

Okay, I am technicaly deficient and for the life of me I cannot find any information on setting my brand new Forerunner 405 on a simple time and distance program. Basicaly I just want a high tech pedometer! Does anyone know how to program it for this function?
Thanks for any help!

Joined: 24 Dec 2007
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Colorado, United States
Posted: Mon 22 Jun 2009 04:36 am GMT   topTop
Hi Eric, i just responded in the gadgets post, but looks like not in time for today's run! hope you figured it out before you went!