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Introducing INCA RUNNERS - Trail running & hiking tours in the Inca Trail - Peru

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Posted: Thu 28 Oct 2010 04:33 pm GMT   topTop
Hello fellow trail runners and hikers!

We wanted to use this opportunity to introduce our company: INCA RUNNERS. Inca Runners operates all- inclusive running and hiking tours on the Inca Trail in Cusco, Peru.

1.- The Inca Runners difference
At Inca Runners, we want you to discover Peru, its beauty and the mystery of the Inca culture in a different way: not by car, not by bus, but on foot! Our tours are great for people who love running or hiking, or both!.

If you like trail running, this is an awesome opportunity to test your endurance and do what you love, on trails that are not just your regular trails, these are roads full with rich history and incredible views, not to mention that are very safe, yet challenging, a perfect combination of fun and adventure.

If you like hiking, you will equally love the Inca Runners experience because you will always encounter breathtaking views and places that are not shown on your regular tour, all of this at your own pace!.

Besides, with our All-Inclusive service, you don’t need to worry about carrying your bags, tents, cooking your meals, etc, we’ll do it for you! And we do it VIP style!

2.- Tour Dates for 2011 – Now Available
We are offering 2 types of tours in 2011:
- Chasqui (14 days)
- Viracocha ( 7 days)

For detailed information regarding our tours and services follow the link

We invite you to look at the link above and learn more about our company, our tours and philosophy. In our experience, people tend to have a much better time when they come in groups; besides, we have discounts for groups of 4 or more!

If you have ANY question, you can reach us at [email protected] or call us at 812-369-1644 or 206-905-9494

Come join us and become an Inca Runner!