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Transgrancanaria island ultra

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“TRANSGRANCANARIA” is the name of a test that has been held on the island of Gran Canaria since October 2003. In the "TRANSGRANCANARIA", participants must cross the island of Gran Canaria on foot and for that we are being supported by the organization that provides for them several points as supplies with food and drink appropriate to this type of evidence, moreover, Arista, an organizer of the event, offering health coverage along the route.
The Transgrancanaria held in the last week of February and has three modes:

Transgrancanaria: DISTANCE: 123KM Elevation: +4800 M

Mediatrans: DISTANCE: 43KM Elevation: +1930 M

Transgrancanaria south-north: DISTANCE: 92KM Elevation: +4600 M

The first edition of "TRANSGRANCANARIA", in October 2003, had a total of 65 participants. Currently registrations are closed at 1000 participants to be able to cover all the riders from all over the world. Athletes and hikers, nature lovers in general who decide to spend a day differently and raised the challenge of crossing the island in less than 30 hours.

On this tour participants can be found in rain, sun, mud, dust ... but above all with nature and the possibility to enjoy the direct contact with her. The tour is mandatory for all and will be fully marked to avoid losses. The maps of the test with the tour as well as other information are posted on the website: www.transgrancanaria.net

The Transgrancanaria not intended as a test exclusively elitist, but an event where accommodate all types of players, that's why we will have 30 hours to do, considering that the first participant will end in a day and will last night on the road and come along for the second which enabled several control points of passage for the safety and comfort of the riders in such a prolonged effort.