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Ziria Cross Country Skyrace®

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Posted: Fri 11 Mar 2011 09:57 am GMT   topTop

History, fabulous coastlines, the Aegean Sea and… endless mountain ranges! All in one country, all inclusive and exclusive to Greece.
For the first time, the Skyrunner® World Series hits Greece!
Only two hours’ drive from Athens, Mount Ziria beckons. Here you can join one of the toughest trail races, with 38km of demanding trails and 3,050m of vertical climb that will exhaust your body, test your limits of endurance and make every finisher a winner!
Take advantage of the country’s superb weather and combine mountain trails with swimming on the sunny beaches of the Corinthian Gulf.
Race registration for Greece’s first SkyRace® - the Ziria Cross Country SkyRace® - opened on March 1st.
Welcome to this unique experience!


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