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Finding trail groups

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South Carolina, United States
Posted: Mon 01 Feb 2016 02:35 pm GMT   topTop
What's up everybody I'm new here seems like a good site. I am about to start trail running heavily after my marathon, I do a little right now but not the longer distances I want to start. It occurred to me I know very little about the proper way to do this. Any suggestion for getting started would be appreciated and also is there a way to find a trail running group around me, or even a way just to find other people who enjoy the sport. Thanks for the help.
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Nevada, United States
Posted: Wed 09 Mar 2016 06:46 pm GMT   topTop
Get on Strava and you can look at who else is running the Segments (parts of trails) that you run or want to run. It's easy to get an idea of who is "out there" a lot, and you can either "Follow" them directly on Strava, or see what groups they're a part of.

You can also look at local trail races and see if the organizers have regular group runs. The main trail running organizer in my city, for instance, has multiple weekly group runs at all the local trails.