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Training for first ultra

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Connecticut, United States
Posted: Wed 09 May 2012 05:54 pm GMT   topTop
I am planning to run the Bimblers Bluff 50K in October. I have been running for six years. Unofficially ran a marathon stopped at mile 24. I have also run 27-28 miles on a training run before. I have started back into running after a four month hiatus.

My current mileage is 40 and want to peak at 60. My goal is to run Bear Mountain in May next year.

Two questions: I have a 24, 26, and a 34-mile run planned out up to September. These are going to be self-sustained do it yourself runs. Any tips? Second question following along with the first if all goes well through until March of next year want to tack out an 8-hour run. Any tips on that? The run would likely be March 31. One week after that I sign up for a half-marathon and then two weeks following that, I would sign up for a 50K race. They both will be training runs. Then three weeks from that would be Bear Mountain. Should that be okay?

One final question on cross training: I weight lift and use the stationary bike and elliptical. I am also looking to incorporate yoga into that regime. Would I need any tweaking on cross training? Any other Cross training exercises to incorporate.

Appreciate the response.
Joined: 09 May 2012
Posts: 3
Connecticut, United States
Posted: Wed 09 May 2012 05:59 pm GMT   topTop
May 19: Bethel 5k Tribute Run
May 20: 16 Mile Run
May 26: Hamden Hills Half Marathon
June 3: 30K Mile Training Run
June 17: 20 Mile Training Run
July 1: 22 Mile Training Run
July 4: Bethel 8k Firecracker Run
July 15: Shaneanigans 5K/ 24.1 Mile Training Run
July 28: New Milford 8 mile Road Race
Aug. 4: People's Forest Trail, 7 mi, Barkhamsted CT,
Aug. 11: 25 Mile Run (Turning 25 y.o.) + 1 Mile of good luck! - 26 miles
Aug. 25: 7.25 miles Race series/28.25 Mile Training Run
Sept. 1: The Roxbury Mile II
Sep. 9: Training run 32-34 miles
Sep 16: Southbury 10K
Sep 22: Hogsback Half Marathon/26.2 Mile Training Run
Oct. 7: Southington Apple Harvest 10K Run
Oct. 13: 11 miles Race Series/22 Mile Training Run
Oct. 21: Bimblers Bluff 50K - Race
Nov. 4: Weston Reservoir Half Marathon/ 20 Mile Training Run
Nov. 10: 13.1 miles Race Series
Nov. 17: 24 Mile Training Run
Nov. 22: 3 miles Run For a Cure
Dec. 2/3: 20/20 Mile Training Run
Dec. 9: Gail's Trail Run 2011 13.1
Dec. 15: 50K Training Run

2013 (Tentative)
Jan. 13: People's Forest 17.13-Mile Road Race
Jan. 20: 15k Boston Build Up Series/ 60K Training Run
Jan. 27: Tradition Run
Feb 10: Fight for Air Climb - Scale 360 State Street, New Haven
Feb 10: Cupid’s Chase 5k
Feb. 16/17: 20/22 Mile Training Run
March 17: 5 Hour Training Run
March 23: Savin Rock Half Marathon & 5K
March 31: Five Mountain Challenge: Bear Mountain/Brace Mountain/Mounnt Frisel/Mount Riga/Alander Mountain 8am to 5pm March 30-31: 8 hour run
April 7: Danbury Half Marathon
April 13: Traprock 50k
May 4: Northface Bear Mountain 50 Mile Race
Joined: 09 May 2012
Posts: 3
Connecticut, United States
Posted: Wed 09 May 2012 05:59 pm GMT   topTop
Training schedule