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Capon Valley 50K Run

The Capon Valley 50K will take place on the trails running through scenic Ruritan Park. The course will be quite hilly, with a few tricky stream crossings and rocky areas thrown in the mix. But the clearly marked trail makes this course very runnable, beautiful, and enjoyable.

When: May
(This trail race takes place in May each year. Visit race website link below for details.)

Location: West Virginia, United States
Geographic Area: Ruritan Park
Nearby City: Yellow Spring

Event 1:
Race Length: 50 km (31.1 mi)
Additional Information

Website URL: http://www.runcapon50k.com/ (opens new window)
Phone: 304-856-2987

This race will be limited to 200 runners.

Elevation information to come!

Details below kindly submitted by Lynn Golemon, Trail Manager

The trail contains about 1 mile of pavement each way – to get from the Ruritan (base camp) to the trailhead, and from the trailhead back to the Ruritan. It contains about 1/3 of a mile of pavement during the race, just before stop 3.

The trail contains less than 2 miles of gravel road.

The rest of the trail is on either one track or two track woodland trails, with a few small field crossings.

I put this trail together, and after over 30 years of competitive horseback trail riding all over North America, I would say we have some of the most beautiful trails in the country. I moved here 15 years ago because of the trails.



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Submitted On: 5/19/2009

Modified On: 5/22/2009



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