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PRP treatment

Joined: 23 Jan 2016
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Virginia, United States
Posted: Sat 23 Jan 2016 09:44 pm GMT   topTop
I have been dealing with a high hamstring injury for over a year now. I've been to numerous doctors and physical therapist. My most recent visit to an orthopedic surgeon believes that I may have torn it originally so I'm not sure how they missed it all the other times but anyway I have another mri coming up and the doctor recommended PRP treatment. Has anyone had this and did it work?
Joined: 27 Jun 2016
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Colorado, United States
Posted: Mon 27 Jun 2016 05:39 am GMT   topTop
Hi! I have been dealing with the same thing for many years and now it is so painful I can't sit and can barely run. It is very hard to get a diagnosis. Also had an MRI and found a 20% tear the sit bone attachment. But I think it's worse since then. I have tried dry needling, massage, TENS machine and I am at my Wit's End. I am terrified to not be able to run. Any help or suggestions would be heaven sent.