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This website is an information and community resource for trail runners and ultra runners of all abilities and levels of interest. You can contribute races, enter race reports, and participate in the trail running forum. Read more about this site here.

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Why Trail Running?

- If you're new to the idea of trail running, or for a re-validation of why you should keep at it, read this short "ode" to the joys of running the backcountry.

Ultra Runner Bios:
Karl Meltzer
Scott Jurek
Anton Krupicka
Tim Twietmeyer
Darcy Africa
Nikki Kimball
Kami Semick
Krissy Moehl

Article: Blister Free Long Distance Running - Cathy Tibbetts explains step-by-step how she runs ultra-marathons without getting any blisters.

Chad Zummach at Hartman Rocks Recreation Area. Gunnison, Colorado.
Chad Zummach at Hartman Rocks Recreation Area. Gunnison, Colorado.
New Runner Profiles
· Feb 18 - Run4URlife17 - AZ, United States
· Feb 14 - arnoldKyleL - CO, United States
· Feb 12 - jsmithrun123 - CA, United States
· Feb 12 - tupacshakaur - UT, United Kingdom
New Trail Races Added
· Part to Art Race  CO, United States - Jun From ERBMRec
· North Country Trail ...  MI, United States - Jun From bchesebro
· Dry Creek Trail Race...  TN, United States - Feb From runnrc
· Mt. Baldy Run-to-the...  CA, United States - Sep From mbrun2top
· Dare to Ascend Trail...  TX, United States - Sep From gerabeth
· Eagleton Trail Chall...  PA, United States - Sep From emctc
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