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A Personal Note From The Developer

I first experienced the thrill of trail running in 2001. I had a long-standing interest in backcountry activities like hiking, backpacking, and skiing, but the first time it even occured to me that you could actually run on trails was after reading a few of Galen Rowell's books.

Eventually I tried a few local trails in the mountains with my wife, and immediately loved the freedom and exhilaration of moving light and fast through the mountains. I was hooked. My first longer run was on a route that follows a road around the magnificent Mount Timpanogos in Utah, and down a canyon trail into town. The "runner's high" that day was amazing.

More inspiration for the sport came after volunteering to help with the Squaw Peak 50 mile race near Provo, Utah, where I helped pack supplies up to the aid station at Windy Pass (mile 40). Before then, stories of runners doing 50 - 100 miles in a day seemed almost mythical.

After those first early experiences, I've logged many miles (but never enough!) on local trails, including several ultramarathons.

I believe trail running is the perfect workout/outdoor sport combination for anyone with an inclination to backcountry sports. Especially if you lack the time to go on extended outdoor trips. So get out there and experience (or re-experience) for yourself the satisfaction of running the trails and enjoying the unparalleled support and comraderie of other trail runners.

Thanks and I hope you enjoy the site.

David Rose
Park City, Utah

Other websites I own and operate that may be of interest:
BlueMarmot.com - main/hub site
UtahThirteeners.com - guidebook to Utah's 13,000-foot peaks
DavidRosePhoto.com - nature photography


This website is an information and community resource for trail runners and ultra runners. You can contribute races, enter race reports, and participate in the forum. New site features will be developed according to your feedback! Please share your ideas, or if you see any errors or problems.

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