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Black Mountain Monster 5K/6HR/12HR/24HR Ind. & Team Race/Fundraiser

Set up your home base along the course in our beautiful wooded tent city as you prepare to take on this dynamic and exciting course! You’ll be surrounded by live music through out the day and a warm bonfire thru the night as teams and individuals compete over the course of a 5k, 6, 12, and 24 hours. The race is a food drive for ABCCM & Brother Wolf: $1000 goes to the Montreat Cross Country team, and the winning team chooses which non-profit receives 20% of the proceeds!

When: May
(This trail race takes place in May each year. Visit race website link below for details.)

Location: North Carolina, United States
Geographic Area: Black Mountain
Nearby City: Black Mountain

Event 1:
Race Length: 5 km (3.1 mi)
Elevation Gain: 300 feet (+97 ft/mi)
Elevation Loss: 300 feet (-97 ft/mi)
90% dirt trails, 0% dirt roads, 10% paved
Additional Information

Race Type: Relay
Website URL: http://www.blackmountainmonster.com (opens new window)
Race Director: Bmmonster
Phone: 8146480680

THE COURSE: This is a CERTIFIED 5k (3.1 mile) course that is a combination of wide grassy trails, narrow and wide wooded single track, asphalt (.5 miles), 2 fields, 3 wooden bridge crossings and an occasional dirt road. It is very dynamic and fun course. The path is firm, flat ground in most sections with roots covering much of the wooded single track. Most of the course is flat with soft rolling hills. There are two distinct uphill climbs (dist road and wide wooded trail) and one distinct downhill (pavement). It is identical to last year’s course.
The course is so dynamic one participant joked that the race director must have entered a competition to see how many ecosystems he could fit into one 5k course…and won. This fun event, also known as “The Monster” and part of Race of Awesome Series, is designed to raise funds for different charities both locally and internationally.

AID STATIONS AND SUPPORT: There are two aid stations. One is located in tent city next to the starting/finishing line. The second one is located in the middle of the course – approximately 1.6 miles in. Additionally, the course runs around ‘tent city’- a large beautiful field where there is plenty of room for everyone to camp out right next to the course. This is right next to the start/finish line. So if you have friends or want to being an additional aid station for yourself it is very convenient. We just ask that you do not keep your cars down on the field, but you are welcome to drive down and drop off all of your gear the day before or the morning of the event.

Each aid station has:
Fruit (oranges, bananas, watermelon, pineapple, melon, strawberries),
Sport Drink (Gatorade)
Ice Water
Chicken Broth (tent city only)
Basic First Aid Kit

Pizza will be available along the course for the runners for dinner and additional gels/bars will be available for purchase on site.

There are several restrooms near tent city. Additionally there will be two port-a-Johns on the course. One will be at the second aid station approximately half way through the course and the other will be along the course at base camp.
SHOWERS: You will have access to a shower house that is on site. The building is approximately 20 yards from tent city.
CAMPING is FREE: If you are interested in camping the field (‘tent city’) will officially be open on Friday, May 16 at 4:00pm for you to set up and even scout out the course. For those of you that were here the course will be the same as last year’s. We liked that one enough to do it thrice.

The course will be well marked with flag tape, spray paint, cones and, at night, with glow sticks,. There will be a 3 quarter moon in the sky. A bonfire will also be at the main site. Head lamps are HIGHLY recommended/priceless.

Last day to register for early registration is April 16, 2014 at 11:59pm
24 hour male: $100/$125
24 hour female: $100/$125
12 hour male (night/day option): $60/$70
12 hour female (night/day option): $60/$70
6 hour male: $40/$50
6 hour female: $40/$50
5k male and female: $25/$32

Please note that we no longer have limitations on how many participants there are from each gender on each team. You can have all males or females or any number of each in between. Options are for teams of 2-10 runners. Pricing per person is the same as individual registration
24 hour co-ed team: $75/$85 per individual
12 hour co-ed team (night/day option): $60/$70 per individual
6 hour co-ed team (day option only): $40/$50 per individual

There will be DJ and several live bands and individual artists who are going to perform at the event for you throughout the day, but not into the night.

Parking is conveniently located about 150 meters from the stating line and run about 40 yards from a small section of the course.

Will be available on site free of charge (Donations Accepted).

Prizes will be given to the winners of all categories.

20% of proceeds will go to the winning teams’ choice of Non-profits and Montreat’s Cross Country Summer Camp Program.

Monster 12/24 Relay will once again take place on Montreat College’s beautiful Black Mountain Campus. Among a half dozen significant structures is the 24,400 square foot “Manor House,” built in 1920 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Originally the summer home of electrical industrialist F. S. Terry, the Manor House will be the back drop to the event. Camping, 10 hours of live music, yoga, seminars, all night movies (indoors) and a bonfire will compliment the environment as runners compete in a variety of divisions for 12 and 24 hours.



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Submitted On: 12/21/2014
By: Bmmonster (Race Director)

Modified On: 2/01/2015

Editors: ex2kimberly



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