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Mid Mountain Marathon

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Joined: 25 Aug 2006
Location: UT, United States
Report Added: Sun 24 Sep 2006 02:19 am GMT
Year: 2006
I've been running trails for many years, but this was my first organized race so I wasn't sure what to expect, or if I'd like it as much as my solitary backcountry runs. In spite of a bad start -- missed a turn while driving so we were 15 minutes or so behind the starting gun, plus some knee problems, I really enjoyed it. My father and I ended up running together for the race, otherwise we'd have been alone. Considering it's such a small race, it was organized pretty well. Great volunteers (sure is nice to have aid stations vs carrying it all!). Overall a great fall run - the course really is scenic and "mostly level" as far as trails go. I hope to do it next year.

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Submitted On: 9/16/2006
By: slrcevents (Race Director)

Modified On: 3/23/2023



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