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Achilles issue

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California, United States
Posted: Wed 27 Dec 2017 07:47 pm GMT   topTop
Hi all,

Newbie here, training for my second 50-miler (the San Diego 50, Jan. 13).

Survived all the long runs pretty well, no real injuries...and then yesterday developed some pain in my left achilles, and a small bump at the site. Did 8 miles on it today, and could definitely feel it.

I know better than to seek actual medical advice on an internet forum (no offense... :) -- but any insight on achilles issues? (It's a first for me, in 26 years of marathon+ running.) All I have left is two weeks of tapering, then the race. My intention is to ignore it and keep going... but damned sure don't want an achilles tear.

Any thoughts? Many thinks in advance.