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30+ mile runs...is this normal?

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Pennsylvania, United States
Posted: Wed 19 Oct 2011 10:22 pm GMT   topTop
I'd never run/walked more than 28 miles, so on a whim (and very little sleep) I decided to give 50 a shot! I made some newby nutrition/electrolyte mistakes early on but corrected it pretty well! The last 10 miles were full of wonderful cramps and blisters, but the funniest thing was that around mile 30 my body and sense of humor started imitating that of when I'm a little drunk (which is not often, haha!). It was hilarious!

I don't know if that was all endorphins or there was something else going on, but I just found everything from 30 miles and on totally hilarious. People were probably wondering 'why is that guy stumbling down the road laughing?'

Oh yeah, and the feeling...was kind of addicting! This could be the start of something great, haha!
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Illinois, United States
Posted: Wed 02 Nov 2011 09:25 am GMT   topTop
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