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5 year break - rebuilding milage - handling the obsession

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California, United States
Posted: Tue 26 Nov 2013 05:05 pm GMT   topTop
Hi, New here... 5 years ago my life changed when I moved out of the Sierras to the coast and I lost interest in running ultras. Between 2004 & 2007 I finished two 100's, and a boat load of 50's and 50K's and couldnt let a day go by without running trails. Then I just stopped. Life changed. (I may go into further detail later).
Now after basicly being on the couch for 5 years the obsession has returned. The hardest part about regaining a good traing routine is my desire to just keep going. I got so used to long runs that starting from scratch has been frustrating. I've started with a 5k traing plan a little over a month ago and was trying to slowly mix in some longer runs. Then this past sunday I ran for 2 hours straight and was amazed that I didnt hurt myself, then last night I started feeling sick. Sore throat ect... I'm pretty sure it's due to pushing myself too hard on Sunday.
My question is... Has anyone else here dealt with the frustration of wanting to run as far as you once did ASAP? I have no interest in short runs. I was running 50 to 100 miles a week and I was really more interested in spending all day on the trails (not just hiking though) than working on a training plan. The thought of entering a 10k or half marathon holds no appeal. I'm planning a 50k as my first race (as I did in '04). So just interested if anyone else here has any similar experience in rebuilding milage after an extended time off.
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Posted: Tue 10 Dec 2013 01:09 am GMT   topTop
Welcome! While I have not run as far as you, I have had similar experiences. So far, I have only run marathons or shorter, but I am currently training for my first 50 miler. I usually ran one or two marathons in between having each baby (I have four kids). When I was pregnant, I usually didn't run for the whole pregnancy. By the time my baby was born, I was so ready to go out running. After being used to going marathon distances, it was REALLY hard for me to start out slowly. I usually would go out my first time, for 2 miles, which for us is nothing, but for most people (especially after having a baby) is a lot. Of course I was not even in good enough shape to go that far, so I had to go very slowly and take walk breaks. It was really hard to build up the mileage again because mentally I knew I could do it in the past, but my body wasn't keeping up with what my mind wanted it to do! Does that make sense? Good luck with rebuilding your mileage. Maybe some day I will go as far as you!

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Posted: Thu 19 Dec 2013 04:01 pm GMT   topTop
Hi, i started running in 1999 and competed in the Marathon des Sables (150+ miles in 7 days in the Sahara) a year later. i went on to do a 100-mile desert run six months later and then the Marathon des Sables again in 2001. Then i stopped for three years - until a friend got me going again because he wanted to participate in the Marathon des Sables... So i understand the frustration about starting out slow, but since i had to because my friend had no experience, i can say a) that's probably the only way to go to avoid injury, but b) you build up much faster than the first time around.
I'd start on the weekend long runs at 8-10 miles, going slow, then add 1-2 miles each week depending on how you feel until you're ok with 20. And stick to about two 5-7 mile runs during the week. Once you've built up your endurance again, then you can start on some speed work and tempo runs - or whatever else worked for you the first time round.
Try and be patient though, it does pay off! After i doing the MDS again in 2006 i haven't looked back and have since completed 15 40+ mile runs and about 20 marathon distance runs. It comes back quick.
Hope that helps!