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Cross-USA Run This Winter?

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Oregon, United States
Posted: Tue 05 Apr 2016 10:30 pm GMT   topTop
Hey Everyone,

I realize this is technically a "road run" but perhaps we can call it a trail run in spirit.

Anyway, I'm wanting to run across the USA next winter along the Southernmost states (CA -> FL or else FL -> CA).

I am looking for a partner and thinking this might be a good place to start.

Said partner could do any of these things...

1. Drive and explore: drive an RV to daily end point, then have all day to themself (to train, study, work remotely, read, sightsee, etc).

2. RUN! Do it with me and tackle the challenge as a team.

3. Cycle - could cycle the same distance which would still give you lots of free time to enjoy non-cycling activities.

Chime in if this interests you, or if you've done this and have words of wisdom!