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Film to check out: Solstice: 1 Woman. 1 Day. 100 Miles.

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Posted: Fri 20 May 2016 05:17 pm GMT   topTop
My name is Andy Hofman and I'm the producer and director of the film Solstice, which tells the story of rookie ultrarunner Ashley Lindsey's attempt to run a 100 mile race for the first time at the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run.

Below is a link to the trailer and a brief summary of the film:

1 Woman. 1 Day. 100 Miles. The idea sounds impossible to most of us, but that's the challenge Ashley Lindsey faces in Solstice, which documents her attempt to finish the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run in California's Sierra Nevada Mountains, the world's oldest and most prestigious 100-mile trail race. Ashley's attempt pushes the boundary of any limit she has ever known, asking the question, "What is my impossible?"

Ashley is not a professional athlete. A working mother of two, she battles bitter cold, stifling heat, and her own mental and physical limitations along the way. A blonde, bubbly surfer mom, her stoke and energy shine on the screen, and most importantly reminds viewers why we run. Even in the most delirious moments of the race, her smile lights up the screen and has viewers biting their nails, rooting for her each step.

With Solstice, we took an unconventional approach to the traditional documentary; it's unlike any other film about running. Our goal was to create an impressionistic film which gives the viewer a sense of the Western States race experience from a runner's perspective. From mountain peaks to alpine forests to sweltering canyons, we focus on the changing environments and the passing of time to tell a visual, as well as emotional, story.

Solstice has proven to inspire and motivate a range of viewers from runners training for their first 5K to veteran athletes. Additionally, this film is aimed at people who are striving toward a goal that at one time seemed unimaginable: whether it's to finish a race, write a novel, or open a restaurant, Solstice will challenge its audience to attempt something they always felt was impossible to achieve in their own life.

Solstice was an official selection of The Wild And Scenic Film Festival and Artemis Women In Action Film Festival, and played to a sold out show at its debut in Santa Cruz, CA. Since then, Solstice has had many successful screenings, marketing events, and fundraisers in cities across the country.

There are only a handful of professionally made films about Western States. Even fewer of them tell the story of non-elite athletes, those mothers and fathers juggling their passion with family and career. My goal with this film is to get viewers, not just runners, to get up and go... to challenge themselves and explore our big beautiful world!

If you're interested in seeing the film please visit www.solsticefilm.com.


Solstice Film
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Interesting... thanks!