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French Trail Running Company Looking for a Community Manager

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Georgia, United States
Posted: Wed 31 Jul 2013 07:37 pm GMT   topTop
Hello everyone, I am doing some work for a trailrunning company based in France. They are looking for a community manager for their US activity. Below is the detailed description.

Like in any other country where we are present, the US version of our web platform www.raidlight.com is a « simple » and strong growth axis for our company, and also is likely to become a full strategic axis for our international environment.

After consolidating the French and European market, the export development represents a strategic axis of our company. Thanks to a niche identity and expertise in Trail-running, this geographical expansion represents a relay of economic growth, but also in terms of scale & volumes, international development providing opportunities with leverage effects. This strategy is deployed across all our channels.

We would like to develop the web channel on the same model than we have done in other countries:
- Use the web to create & grow a community of Trail-runners
- Use the web as a media for relaying our corporate communication & information
- Use the web as a showcase for our products, with all the technical details of every single item, but also e-commerce enabled activities
Overall Expectations Create & Develop RaidLight community in the US, and Increase web sales for the RaidLight brand on the US territory, while reinforcing our image and our brand/products’ comprehension for the consumers based in the US.

Attached to the Marketing & Communication Department, the US Community Manager & Webmaster will contribute to the promotion of the whole of the brands and the products of the company. In collaboration with her/his RaidLight colleagues, he contributes to the reinforcement of the strategy of international deployment, and particularly on the US channels.

He ensures / provides :
- The functionality (photos/comments/contents…) and the generation of revenues of our e-shops in their US version
- A high level customer service for our e-shops customers
- The e-shops promotion in the US version for our different channels and communication tools (web media…)
- The relay of the news of our brands on the various suitable communication’s channels
Inside, he ensures the feedback of socio-economic and products information specific to the US markets

Day-to-day expectations Community Management
• Take part in the RaidLight internal meetings and define together the US communication strategy on the internet
• Relay of relevant RaidLight information to our communities
• Ensure the promotion and the diffusion of all the contents of the RaidLight brand (articles, videos, photographs, partnerships, etc…) to the RaidLight US community (forum, blog expert,…), but also to the external Trail-running ecosystem (social media, forum, media specialized, other media, blogger etc…)

US E-Shop

 Set up, and continuous update & maintenance of the shop
• Organization of the products in the online shop
• Translation of the sales leaflet
• Translation of the corporate contents
• Daily checking of the well update of the shop
 Customer Management
• Answer to the comments and questions from customers
• Follow-up of eventual issues &/or questions with products
 Shop’s promotion
• Definition of the newsletter’s strategy
• Set up of the online-communication strategy (media, blogging…)
• Set up of Adwords promotion
 Sales and profitability reporting
• Weekly reporting on the key indicators
• Analysis of the traffic tools, effective (or non effective) solutions and adjustment
• Weekly action plan to accelerate the development

The job is likely to be supplemented by complementary missions.

Expected Profile KNOW-HOW
• Be able to define, implement & follow a Marketing and Communication Plan
• Be able to define, implement & follow a Marketing Budget
• Carry out negotiations and relational Partnerships (media, events…)
• Knowledge of Microsoft Office
• Knowledge of Google is an advantage (adwords, analytics…)
• Organized and autonomous
• Team work
• Reactivity and adaptation qualities
• Determination to be a proactive source of proposals, especially when dealing with issues
• Hard worker
• Contact with people, and a community of hundreds
• Dynamic person
• Observation and listening ability
• Positive attitude
• US Native or US speaking fluency
• Edition, promotion ( of products and brands), and sales capacity
• Web marketing environment
Place in the company • Integral part of the Communication & Marketing Department
• Will report directly to the Marketing manager
• Will closely work with the global web manager
Specificity & Constraints of the job • Can be a full time job or a part time job (e.g. part time during ramp-up time, then full time)
• Possible peak of workload, in particular during the launch of new collections, or during key events
• Possible work during week-end that will be compensated by recovery
• Possible national travels
• Incentive on sales can be possible (depending on the profile, experience, & will of the candidates

Interested parties please send resumes to

[email protected]