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How to avoid flies and other bugs

Joined: 06 Jul 2010
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North Dakota, United States
Posted: Tue 06 Jul 2010 01:07 pm GMT   topTop
I'm new to trail running. Each time I've gone out I've been attacked by swarms of horse flies for the entire hour run. This has been at several different Minnesota state parks and at different times of the day. Needless to say, it isn't an enjoyable experience. I've never had to deal with this while hiking. Not sure if it's the amount of sweat I'm producing or what. I need to find a solution otherwise I don't see how I can continue. Any advice?
Joined: 16 Jul 2010
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Washington, United States
Posted: Fri 16 Jul 2010 01:59 am GMT   topTop
Hmm.. that is a tuff one. I would try to minimize the amount of perfume you produce. This means, clean your clothes with perfume free detergent, and try not to wear deodorant or colognes. If you are still having issues, then try some form of bug repellent. Ask others in your area what they are using that helps them also.

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Joined: 07 Jul 2010
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Alabama, United States
Posted: Mon 26 Jul 2010 08:25 pm GMT   topTop
Hmm, I have the same problem in Alabama during the hotter part of the day. those horse flies are SO ANNOYING. It causes my wife to freak out too... What can we do? Wear a mosquito net over the head? LOL.

Would like to know if anyone has a real solution. thanks.
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United Kingdom
Posted: Thu 05 Aug 2010 06:12 pm GMT   topTop
I use OFF! and find it very effective against flies etc. It is not greasy and won't fade when sweating on a run.
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Pennsylvania, United States
Posted: Sat 28 Aug 2010 04:57 am GMT   topTop
I've found they only attack my head. So, take off your shirt and tie it around your head like a helicopter. That has worked for me in the past. good luck!