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I'm looking for some specific shoe information please

Joined: 16 Dec 2015
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British Columbia, Canada
Posted: Wed 16 Dec 2015 09:33 pm GMT   topTop
Hi - new here - first post as you can see. I'm in Canada.
I'm a 'former' ultra marathon - trail runner. However, I'm slowly getting back into it in my old age and retirement. I'm finding it difficult to find a good sturdy trail running shoe in my size......15 D (medium width). The latest shoe I was using was the New Balance 587 stability shoe. Over the decades I bought dozens of pairs of these shoes. The shoe is no longer available (the model has been discontinued). I bought my last 1/2 pairs online. The last pair I bought on eBay. I wore them for a few weeks and the bottom fell off one shoe. That had never happened before. I contacted New Balance and they refused to do anything about it. We emailed back and forth many times on this issue. In the end - nothing....because 'ebay is not an official retailer of New Balance.' I get that, but I thought because I was such a good customer over the years that they would have done at least something for me.

I'm hoping you folks can provide me with some information on where I can look for a very good sturdy trail running/hiking shoe in size 15D.

Thank you,

Gary in West Kelowna, BC Canada
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British Columbia, Canada
Posted: Tue 10 Apr 2018 02:42 pm GMT   topTop
Hey Gary. I feel your pain in finding just the right shoe. Some people can use just about anything, and I guess I have been fairly lucky in that I am able to find shoes that work. However, when I find a shoe I like, before you know it, they are being rejigged, discontinued, etc. My all time faves were/are the Pearl Izumi N1 and N2’s. My stock is almost gone and PI is no longer making shoes. Anyway, part of my point was that I had a similar thing happen with ASICS and they did everything they could to ignore me. That was back when I was buying a dozen ASICS a year and my students were also buying them like mad. That stopped quickly after I realized how some of these big companies treat people. I didn’t expect that from NB however! On to my last belaboured point. Have you tried a pair of Altra trail runners yet? The width may work for you. They are not for everyone, but I am really enjoying mine so far. Worth a consideration as it may put you on to Altra shoes or another brand you haven’t looked at closely. Good luck.