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New to the forum

Joined: 08 Jul 2014
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Tala, Cyprus
Posted: Tue 08 Jul 2014 07:30 am GMT   topTop
Hi all,

This is great forum. My wife and I have started running more seriously. Both former athletes (Field and track - Martial arts etc) we have maintained fitness but not running. Now 54 and 53 and with a home in Cyprus (half of the year and the other half in Malaysia) we are increasing distances and plan to run a 50 miler in 2015.

I would also like to know is Helen Klein still alive / active. I googled etc but couldn't find out. She is someone we both recently watched in an old Eco challenge video and we were highly motivated. Thanks all ..... Colin
Joined: 25 Aug 2006
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Utah, United States
Posted: Wed 09 Jul 2014 04:52 am GMT   topTop
Welcome to the forum. Hope your training goes well for the 50!
Joined: 04 Aug 2014
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Washington, United States
Posted: Mon 04 Aug 2014 05:43 pm GMT   topTop
Did you ever find any info on Helen Klein? I, too, have been scouring to find info after reading an article in a magazine. I just started running in Feb at the age of 48, and her story was so inspiring! Post if you have any success. I figure she would be about 91 or so now.
Joined: 28 Dec 2020
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Kansas, United States
Posted: Tue 29 Dec 2020 12:09 pm GMT   topTop
Hello! I am also new here. I like running because it Running makes me feel free and be in shape. I am preparing for another marathon, hopefully, it will be OK.