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Newbie few questions

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South Carolina, United States
Posted: Sun 13 Jun 2010 11:06 pm GMT   topTop
I started running about 5 months ago after college. For the first 3 months i ran here and there as i had time and felt up to it as i was still getting in shape. I've never been a hardcore runner or ran much before this besides playing soccer.

I recently started running a set of trails I discovered in my hometown that absolutely blew my mind away the first time. There are about 26 miles of different trails to choose from consisting of hiking, dirt roads, gravel roads, biking, and horse trails. The trails aremoderate to difficult in my opinion with hills, rocks, and roots.

The first 3 weeks I was so addicted to the trails I ran those everyday exploring new routes and learning how to run. Now my current goal is to run an Ultra 50mile trail race.
The main question I have is should I only run on trails if my main target is a trail race? I find it hard to run off trails but will do so if it will help shape me up for the first race. Also it is bad to run every day? I know i haven’t been a runner for long, but I feel like my body is keeping up and recovering fast.
Here is the running schedule I logged the past two weeks:

Sun- 8miles
Mon- off
Tues- 10
Wed- 4
Sat- 10
Sun- 12

Week 2
Mon- 3
Tues- 10
Wed- 6
Thurs- 8
Fri- off
Sat- 13
Sun- 18

The long runs seem to be very hard for me the first 30-45mins, although i do take my time and think time on feet before speed at the moment. I’ve been trying to follow the ultra running guild on runnersworld.com but if anyone has any better workout plans please let me know.

Also one more question. During my long runs I’ve been having a serious problem with my nipples rubbing against my shirt on long runs, which is very painful after awhile. Is there anything I can use for this gel, Band-Aids , etc?
And what is the best ultra trail race for first timers? I live in SC but willing to travel, shooting for a race the first of next yet hopefully


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Posted: Mon 14 Jun 2010 01:40 pm GMT   topTop
I have no qualifications as a coach so I'll stick to the simple stuff I'm pretty sure is true for just about everybody.

A 50 miler requires a base of aerobic fitness that must be acquired long-term. 49-50 mile weeks ordinarily require some "working-up-to" for someone just starting out. Everyone is different and I assume you're young and pretty fit, but 50 mile weeks sounds like a lot for a newbie. You must give your body time to adapt and build up carefully. Overuse injuries are common with enthusiastic new people (and jaded old people!) By all means, take days off...that's when your body does the adapting and gets stronger! Most good plans will tell you to drop back to easy WEEKS after a two or three week buildup. Plan your rest every bit as carefully as you plan your running. Don't let yourself get more and more tired until you either discover that you're injured or feel too "blah" to get out there.

A nice long run once a week is fine...with some shorter ones on other days of course.

Pick your race and then train on similar terrain as much as possible. Go to that race, or some other, as a volunteer...work an aid station and pick up the spirit of the event.

The best thing for nipples is plain, old band aids. The two red streaks down the front of the shirt frightens children.

Someone will chip in some good trail racs in your state...trail marathons or 50K's. The most important thing is to build up slowly, on a plan, and enjoy yourself. Good luck and good running.
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South Carolina, United States
Posted: Mon 14 Jun 2010 07:51 pm GMT   topTop

The best thing for nipples is plain, old band aids. The two red streaks down the front of the shirt frightens children.
Hah. Now that you mentioned it i think i did get some odd looks towards the end of the run. Although at that point being 3hours 20mins into a run the only thing crossing my mind was staying afloat to finish. Bandaids for the win next time for sure thanks for the info.

As for my weekly mileage i agree it might be more then what i can handle. Although i havent had a problem keeping up the past two weeks so will keep going for the moment. I agree I am young and unexperienced, and will do my best to try and listen to my body and scale back when needed (hopefully not to late). The first two weeks i did sleep and eat a lot! This training plan does indeed scale down after this week also as you have mentioned.

And yes if anyone knows any trail races around the Carolinas would be great info!

Thanks Much
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Posted: Wed 14 Jul 2010 10:17 pm GMT   topTop
I agree that band-aids are your best bet on the nipple protection. The streaks "frighten children" (LOL). Your base mileage is going to be what gets you through your first ultra in one piece. The weekly long run principle is pretty solid and widely accepted. There are some who condone shorter runs through out the week and a moderately long run on Saturday and a long run on Sunday. "Long", is usually dependent upon where you’re at in your training. The two days back to back allow you to mass a large amount of mileage with little rest for your body. This conditions, not only your body to be on its feet, but your endocrine system to handle the load of running you will do during your ultra. Take it for what it's worth and try to avoid advice that sounds limiting. Just because someone says you should or have to do something in your preparation doesn’t mean it's true. Your undominable will can get you through pretty much anything; it's that struggle to the finish that makes it all worth wile.

Good Luck!
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South Carolina, United States
Posted: Thu 15 Jul 2010 03:34 pm GMT   topTop
Thanks for the info. Bandaids seem to always fall off due to the hairy mess on my chest, so as for now in the heat shirtless has solved the problem. Also I found that certain shirts, wicking to start doesn't rub as bad. I have been keeping up with the 2 long runs on the weekend and still going strong into the 2nd month of training. I will admit though there was a 5 day period were I rested due to burnout, but picked it right back up once I recovered.