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Product Idea

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Nebraska, United States
Posted: Mon 05 Oct 2015 04:12 am GMT   topTop
I'm new to this forum and I'm just looking for some feedback on a possible idea of mine. I'm currently a bussiness major in college and I was thinking of creating a product that are essentially disposable water pouches that are only a couple of fl. oz.

I thought of this idea on a run once and when running long distance there's only a couple of options if one wants to drink water: to carry a camel backpack, carry a water bottle, or suffer through a long run until it's over.

I'm sure there's more ways, but every way is inconvenient and me personally hate carrying around anything when I run. That's why the running pouches would be very small that one could put in their pocket and not feel like they're carrying anything, and it will have just enough water to quench there thirst and allow them to push through long runs. It would be disposable so you just stop for a second, tear it open and drink and then throw it away or put it back in your pocket.

I know small disposable water pouches already exist, however they're only marketed as survival rations and so there's no product in the running market as of now. If I have a need for this I'm sure others do too, I'm just looking to get feedback on this idea. Thanks

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Minnesota, United States
Posted: Mon 12 Oct 2015 01:05 pm GMT   topTop
You'll find that a lot of runners are very conscious about the environment and your proposed product sounds very wasteful. Disposable water bottles are already a huge problem and several small pouches to do the same thing sounds even moreso. I'm a cyclist and trail runner and I'm already fed up with energy gel packets being dropped all along trails, the last thing we need is a bunch of little plastic water pouches to go with them.

I also think that from a marketability standpoint, you're going to have a problem selling a few sips of water in a plastic bag for any price that is going to be profitable. Why would I spend 50 cents apiece for a half dozen tiny wasteful water bags when I could refill a collapsable, reusable bottle for free?

Sorry but I think this project is a non-starter