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Recommended Trails (30+ miles) in Western US or Canada

Joined: 01 Feb 2015
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Alberta, Canada
Posted: Sun 01 Feb 2015 01:52 am GMT   topTop
I have been trail running for about two years and ramped it up last fall with the rim to rim to rim (Grand Canyon). Absolutely loved it. So now I have a craving to complete another epic run. I hear the Zion trail is a beauty. Does anyone have any suggestions relative to a trail run that is say 30+ miles? For travel logistics I wouldn't mind staying in western US or Canada but am open to travel elsewhere to enjoy new experiences and scenery. The more off the beaten path the better. I appreciate any info or feedback - Cheers.
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British Columbia, Canada
Posted: Tue 17 Apr 2018 01:01 am GMT   topTop
I am biased but you have, have, have to research the Powell River area of BC. There are some amazing, trails here. Not a lot of people either. Some runs that you can even pack a break-down fishing rod, catch a fat Cutthroat, and head back down the trail to the BBQ if that is of any interest to you. You are definitely off the beaten path here...