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Shoes and "Barefoot Running" technique

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Texas, United States
Posted: Tue 23 Jun 2009 03:25 pm GMT   topTop
After recurring from my annual calf injury I am planning on slowly immersing myself in the "barefoot running" techniques" (Chi Running, Evolution running, the POSE Method). All of these recommend essentially raciung flats to encourage forefoot running. Anyone use this method on trails? What shoes do you reccomend? Any other insights will be appreciated.
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Posted: Thu 02 Jul 2009 02:06 am GMT   topTop
That's great you're getting back into things. I've heard a lot of good things about Chi Running and, having some knee problems myself, I've implemented a few of the basic techniques and have seen very positive results - but I've yet to get into it fully, and I still have my regular trail running shoes. Anyone else have some insight on this topic?
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Christchurch, New Zealand
Posted: Sun 26 Jul 2009 10:28 am GMT   topTop
I have the film 'Indulgence', it's a film featuring ultra runner Anton Krupicka. He talks quite a bit about barefoot running, saying how he tries to run barefoot once a week and even cuts up his shoes to emulate the shape of his foot.
Very interesting though. The coolest thing I found was watching him pretty much cut the heel off a new pair of runners so that the forefoot and the heel of the shoe are level with each other. He basically explains how this allows the ankle to function as it should without the heel getting in the way. He says there isn't a pair of shoes he hasn't 'altered' in some way - there's no real need to have a big chunky pad of foam at the heel. But that's simply what we have come to expect (and even look for) when we are buying running shoes.
Short clip of the film here, you can see him cutting up and remodelling his shoes at the start!

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Posted: Sat 13 Feb 2010 06:23 am GMT   topTop
Inov8 shoes are good.

Here is what they say about their shoe philosophy http://www.inov-8.com/Philosophy.asp?L=26.

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