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Speedy recovery of pulled calf muscle secretes?

Joined: 01 Jul 2014
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Washington, United States
Posted: Tue 01 Jul 2014 01:55 am GMT   topTop
Durn if I didnt pull that tight son of a gun on my left leg. Now it feels like a bit of a charlie horse and I am 5 weeks out from my big race of the summer. Any speedy recovery tricks to recomend on getting over this injury pronto?
Joined: 18 Jul 2014
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Alaska, United States
Posted: Fri 18 Jul 2014 09:43 pm GMT   topTop
I have a recurring - 3x now - calf strain. I strained it last year 6 weeks before a 100 and spent all 6 weeks recovering and was able to run the race successfully.

This year I pulled it again 7 weeks before a 100 and I re-strained it in the race and was unable to finish.

You'll know it is bad if it tingles - causes arch pain - causes pain behind the knee - and vesticulates (feels like worms are moving under your skin).

Best solution is to see an active release therapist (ART) and cut back on miles - I had to stop all together for a couple weeks. Seriously, find a good PT or massage therapist or chrio that can do active release. Good luck.
Joined: 26 Aug 2014
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Wyoming, United States
Posted: Mon 08 Sep 2014 11:40 pm GMT   topTop
I had a bad calf strain this past April/May that caused me to take 3 weeks entirely off from running and included PT sessions. After easing back in, I ran a 50 mile trail run mid June with no problems. However, I restrained it in early August and immediately saw a PT again. This time, we elected to try Dry Needling. BEST THING EVER! I was able to continue running the next day and ran a 50K a week and a half later.
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Texas, United States
Posted: Tue 09 Feb 2021 02:37 pm GMT   topTop
Magnesium cream works wonders. I apply it several times a day. ART is also a winner.
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Athens, Greece
Posted: Fri 04 Jun 2021 10:28 am GMT   topTop
Both my calves have been giving me a lot of trouble for the last three years. Repeated Physios, MRIs the lot! Unfortunately the gastro and soleus muscles are the hardest working in running, poorly oxygenated (due to gravity), so they are the first ones to give in after lots of training or overuse. Have been pain free and in full working order for the last few months, thanks to some excellent advice from my physio.
- Lots of strength training with gradual load increase (5 times a week)
- Good stretching routine
- Magnesium supplements
I think it's a long term rather than quick fix issue. Good luck!
- A good massage every now and then