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too much?

Joined: 15 Jan 2010
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Kentucky, United States
Posted: Sun 31 Jan 2010 12:32 pm GMT   topTop
Do you think it is possible to run a 50 miler mid June and another in the end of August or is this too much? It would be 10 weeks between the 2 races and I will train using a run/walk method to reduce chance of injury.
Joined: 01 Apr 2010
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Texas, United States
Posted: Thu 01 Apr 2010 04:32 pm GMT   topTop
Lots of runners run 1-2 ultras per month and just stay loose during the mid-week workouts (a speed session, cross-training, etc.). No, there isn't any reason if you are healthy and in condition that you can't do these two races. Listen to your body would be my advice.