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Trail Racing and Collegiate XC

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New York, United States
Posted: Thu 19 Dec 2013 04:22 pm GMT   topTop
Hey everyone,

I wanted to get some opinions and advice on something I’ve been mulling over.

I’ve just finished up my junior year of Collegiate XC. I run for a small D2 team in NY. We are competitive but not dominant on a conference level. I’m currently the #4 guy and have run a 28:05 for a 5mi on rolling terrain. I run about 70mpw in my peak

My school unfortunately does not have a track program (only xc). This means we spend the winter base training and spend the spring racing local road races ranging from 5k-15k.

Do you think if I trained properly for and ran a few trail races this spring season (culminating in a 30k or half marathon), I could bounce back in the fall for some faster, and more tame xc running? I’ve done a few trail races and just really enjoy the atmosphere and the environment they foster.

Ultimately, (from a competitive standpoint) do you think I can go have fun in the woods this spring or should I stay on the roads until I finish my eligibility?

Sorry for the wall of text haha, i appreciate any and all advice!

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Utah, United States
Posted: Mon 13 Jan 2014 08:17 pm GMT   topTop
I feel unqualified to answer you! I was a sprinter in high school and ran decent enough times, but was not quite fast enough for college. Now I do run marathons and am getting ready for my first 50.

Here is my opinion. I think you would be fine. A lot of people run a spring marathon and then a fall one. Usually I think the elites might aim for one big one though. But you are talking about shorter distances, and on trails. The advantage to running on trails (besides the amazing scenery) is that it is a lower impact on your body because the surface is not as hard as the road. The thing I would be concerned about is what if you tripped on a rock or something and got injured.

Let us know what you decide to do, and how it goes!