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training question - long runs - 50 mile training

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Washington, United States
Posted: Mon 15 Mar 2010 07:57 pm GMT   topTop
Hey all,

I'm wondering if folks who have already run an ultra have thoughts on how I am progressing. I am on the cusp of pressing that registration button and signing up for a 50 mile run in the latter part of April.

I really love running, but i've never run in a sanctioned race.

My long runs the past 3 weeks have been:
22 miles
28 miles
31 miles

I notice that most training plans talk about doing back to back long runs on Saturday's and Sunday's. I am careful with my plantar fasciitis injury, and find the pain stays pretty mellow as long as I give myself a day rest between long runs. Therefore, I am not sure if the back to back long runs are right for me.

Assuming i'm comfortable with 30+ mile training runs, do you think I'm in striking distance of doing the 50 miler?

Any thoughts or suggestions appreciated.

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Arkansas, United States
Posted: Mon 15 Mar 2010 08:06 pm GMT   topTop
Absolutely within striking distance. Doesn't sound as if you plan to "race" it...just finish it feeling you avoided a death march. (Which is exactly how you should approach it.) Back-to-back long runs are NOT for everyone and are certainly not a "requirement" of ultra training. First thing is to stay healthy.
You're likely to find the 50 miler a whole, different ballgame from a 50K. Practice your eating and drinking to find out what your stomach will handle.
Good luck to you.
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Virginia, United States
Posted: Mon 15 Mar 2010 08:27 pm GMT   topTop
YES! You're ready. No need for back-to-back runs (although they may work for some people). I'd suggest: a 20-26 mile long run every other week; maybe one more 30-miler IF it fits in your schedule...last long run should be 3-4 weeks before race day. Otherwise, as ajj said above, figure out your nutrition and hydration needs (important for a 50-miler since you'll be out there longer), and use shorter training runs to work on things that may help with specific race conditions (climbing, rocky trails, downhills, etc.) Good luck!
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Posted: Thu 01 Apr 2010 04:29 pm GMT   topTop
I couldn't agree more with the other two replies--back-to-back runs are great, but staying healthy is more important. And don't race the first one--pick a strategy and stick with it (5 min run/1 min walk; jog flats and down hills/power hike any hill you can't see over; etc.). And above all--man, enjoy the entire thing!
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Washington, United States
Posted: Tue 06 Apr 2010 02:18 am GMT   topTop
Thanks to all of your for your thoughtful replies!

My training has been going fairly well, and I am really looking forward to the run. Whatever happens I'm sure learning a ton in the process, and my trail runs have been so fun that I have started dreading runs when I don't have time to get away from it all and must settle for urban/pavement running.