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What to do about a week before a race

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Utah, United States
Posted: Mon 01 Aug 2011 01:40 am GMT   topTop
I have run the Jupiter Steeplechase in Park City, UT a number of times but I wonder how to train/relax a week before the race. The race is in six days and I expect/hope to run the 16 miles around 2:45. My thought would be to run tops twice this week with each run lasting less than 45 minutes at a very mellow pace.

Any suggestions on how best to prepare for the race will be highly appreciated.

The race is a blast.
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Utah, United States
Posted: Mon 01 Aug 2011 08:07 pm GMT   topTop
That IS a great race - I've done it a couple of times myself. If scheduling works out, I might be there this weekend as well. For tapering, your plan sounds good in my opinion. Marathon tapering is probably a good model to follow: this week might look like: cross train 45 min, 4 mi, 3mi, 2mi, rest, rest, race. So yeah, very low miles, very easy - training is behind you, so this week is all about resting up while still keeping the "engine" warmed up. That's my theory, anyway :) I'm training for the Mid Mountain Marathon so I won't rest much this week and will treat it more like a long training run.

Anyone else have advice on what to do on the last taper week before a race?