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Cooler Weather Running Tights

Joined: 06 Oct 2012
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Pennsylvania, United States
Posted: Sat 06 Oct 2012 02:01 am GMT   topTop
Hello Everyone - I like running in compression shorts over the summer. I don't like a material between my thighs. Although I am a man, I found that wearing women's Under Armour black compression shorts fit me well for around $40 and serve me well (without having the built in fly that many men's compression shorts have). Can anyone give me advice on good (long) compression tights that will serve the same purpose while shielding from the winter air?

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Massachusetts, United States
Posted: Mon 13 Sep 2021 11:27 pm GMT   topTop
I have a few suggestions: 1) Salmon's agile long tights or their cold weather version of the same if you can get them. 2) Pearl Izumi's attack tight. 3) wear footed opaque tights bought in any super market or pharmacracy under your compression shorts (great for slight chilly days and tick prevention too.) The company "We Love colors" makes tights in any color imageable and their tights are advertised as unisex. so I have a few pairs of neon orange and green tights by them I wear under compression shorts for the hi-vis effect during night runs and hunting seasons.

Both the Salomon and Peral Izumi tights are sold in men's sizes by the way and neither have the annoying fly thing.

For the best compression, wear a pair of opaque tights under your running tights. I have Raynaud's in my feet and find this really helpfully in preventing attacks.

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