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Offline GPS apps to map new trail runs (Sarajevo)

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Alabama, Bosnia and Herzegowina
Posted: Sat 22 Aug 2015 10:14 am GMT   topTop
I'm currently based in Sarajevo, BiH. The city is surrounded by gorgeous hills and mountains. The only problems: landmines, feral dogs, and some reports of 'bandits'. Less worried about the latter two.

Given the divisions between communities and dangers along the trails they're quite under-used. Which is truly a shame because the area is gorgeous and easily accessible from downtown Sarajevo and the surrounding villages and towns.

I've been sticking to the trails in the immediate vicinity of the city but want to go further into the mountains.

I want to do two things: map the trails I've used so others can begin to use them, and track my distance.

Can someone suggest and app for an android phone, using offline GPS, that I could use to track my runs and upload them to Wikimapia?