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Walking Shoes

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Posted: Mon 19 Jul 2010 04:39 pm GMT   topTop
I hope you don't mind this topic. A 62-year old friend is recovering from heart surgery. He is currently walking 2.5 miles daily, mostly on asphalt with short moderate hills. His goal is to work up to 6 miles daily walking at a brisk pace.

He needs to replace some uncomfortable shoes and has asked me for a recommendation. I am inclined to recommend he determine his running style (pronation, neutral) and buy a decent pair of running shoes to fit his style.

What would you recommend? What would be the price range?

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Posted: Mon 19 Jul 2010 07:14 pm GMT   topTop
A running "trainer" with a relatively low heel and a flexible forefoot.
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Posted: Tue 31 Aug 2010 12:29 am GMT   topTop
See zbsports.com..
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