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Bel Monte 50K

Joined: 10 Nov 2006
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Ontario, Canada
Posted: Wed 17 Jan 2007 08:26 pm GMT   topTop
Thinking about running the Bel Monte 50K in Virginia this March. Has anyone done it ? Any info would be appreciated.
Joined: 01 Sep 2006
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Maryland, United States
Posted: Wed 17 Jan 2007 08:38 pm GMT   topTop
I'll be running Bel Monte this year. I've never done it before, but the course (similar to the one for the GEER) is absolutely gorgeous. Hope to see you there!
Joined: 14 Sep 2006
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Virginia, United States
Posted: Thu 18 Jan 2007 05:02 am GMT   topTop
It's a beautiful course, with some great views. Unfortunately, last year it snowed, and the year before it was very overcast, so it was hard to enjoy the views. Oh well, most of the time you'll be looking down and dodging rocks, anyway. :) Bel Monte has some great runnable trail, but it also has some tough rocky sections and some good climbs. (Disclaimer: I haven't run the 50k, but I've run the 25K and also the GEER 100k so I've been on most of the Bel Monte course at one time or another.) It's a fun 50k and it draws a good crowd.