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Hardrock 100 over four days ("Softrock") logistics

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Posted: Thu 23 Apr 2015 02:53 am GMT   topTop

A friend and I are considering following the Hardrock 100 route a week before the race (July 4th weekend).

Is anyone planning to do this run the same weekend?? If so - please let us know!

If anyone has done this before- we'd love to speak with you about it!

We are hoping to break the race up into more manageable sections of ~25 miles each (basically, so we're only running during the day). The problem we are encountering is that the section between Grouse Gulch and Silverton is ~40 miles, and there is no way to do that in <13 hours unless one is Killian Jornet! Does anyone know if there are any places to stay the night roughly in between these two locations (i.e. near Sherman, CO)? I know it's a far stretch, but we're looking for ideas...

The other three legs seem quite manageable!

Thanks for reviewing!

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Posted: Thu 07 May 2015 04:05 pm GMT   topTop
I haven't done a "softrock" before (or Hardrock) but I'm planning to pace my brother-in-law at Hardrock this year, so I've been thinking off and on about logistics myself.

What about doing that 40 mile stretch ultralight/fastpacking style (making it an overnighter)?

You'll be going slower carrying packs but long distance hiking/walking might be better than trying to run 4 days straight 1 week before the race. Just my opinion: I've always been a "2-3 week taper" loyalist :) Anyway, staying overnight would also give you additional high-altitude acclimatization.