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Have you checked out the Namib Desert Challenge?

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Cape Town, South Africa
Posted: Wed 04 Dec 2013 01:23 pm GMT   topTop
Comfortable Desert Racing.

You carry only the essentials, the organizers will take care of the rest. 5 days of untouched Wilderness. 220km trail adventure run.

Soulful campfires, sumptuous dinners and rockin’ afterparty / victory dinner.

This is the 6th running of the Namib Desert Challenge: 21 - 25 July 2014

The perfect balance to cater for all runners. From racing snake, and middle of the pack, to ‘just along for the adventure’ - NDC will exceed all your expectations. The Namib-Naukluft, offers some of the most remote, diverse, pristine and untouched wilderness on Planet Earth.

The 5 stages (ranging from 28 – 56 kms) cover the most spectacular and varied part of the desert terrain.

The race begins with a gradual incline across the dry bushveld of game farms around Sesriem. You are treated to awesome views of the landscape from the summit of a narrow mountain pass. You run past springbok, oryx, zebras and ostrich during your 42km run in stage 1.

The 2nd stage covers the spectacular Naukluft National Park and traverses several dry riverbeds. It then heads through scattered vegetation and on to a big open gravel plain – think horizon views! Hereafter, you will get a taste of running over your first dunes as the trail traverses thick red dune sand.

Day three offers a test of your navigation skills. The scenery is magnificent and wildlife is plentiful. You will have all types of terrain thrown at you in one stage - sandy river-beds, rocky ground and large grasslands of more magnificent Game farms.

The 4th stage heads toward the mighty red dunes, across the Sesriem Canyon. The summit of Dune 45 offers a daunting challenge as competitors head toward the stage finish line.

Stage five is shorter than the rest of the stages. The last 11km will take you right into the mighty red dunes of the “Dead Vlei” and into the world famous “Sossusvlei”. Sightings of oryx are guaranteed in this area.

This experience of a life time is completed with a victory dinner hosted by the lodge. Sounds too tough? Don’t worry, you only need to carry your pure essentials – the organizers take care of the rest and give you dinner every evening.

Check out the awesome pics on the race website www.namibdesertchallenge.com