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New 100 miler for 2013

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New York, United States
Posted: Wed 25 Jul 2012 01:43 am GMT   topTop
A new 100 miler, Manitou's Revenge, will be held in the Catskills of New York on June 21-23, 2013. The course will follow the Long Path, mostly, with a short out and back in the middle of the race along the Devil's Path. This will be an extremely difficult and technical race with something like 30,000 ft. of climb. Plenty of aid, 50 hr. time limit, unlimited pacer and crew access. Website some time in the next few months. This year, there will be a maximum of 40 participants. You need to have previously completed a 100 miler or have a significant mountaineering background in order to do this. Charlie Gadol