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Race Arkansas - Sylamore 50K & Ouachita Trail 50 - 2009

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Missouri, United States
Posted: Fri 23 Jan 2009 04:26 am GMT   topTop
The Sylamore 50K is in Allison, AR on February 21, 2009

The Ouachita Trail 50 is in Little Rock, AR on April 18, 2009

Is anyone else out there doing either of these races or have done either of these?

I'm planning both and would like to know a little personal insight about them.
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Arkansas, United States
Posted: Fri 23 Jan 2009 01:13 pm GMT   topTop
Two unique and challenging races.
No doubt you've found www.runarkansas.com
The Syllamore 50K is on what many call the most beautiful trail in Arkansas. Parts of it are fairly technical and there are stretches of slick, wet rock that need to be taken slowly. The scenery is just spectacular.
The OT 50 is mostly on rocky single-track. The trip up and over Pinnacle Mountain starting at mile four is something else. 1011 feet of climbing in 7/10 mile and most of that is in the last 2/10 over a boulder field. We're talking "use your hands" here. The descent isn't much easier. Be careful! The idea is to not exhaust yourself trying to scramble up the mountain because there's still a long way to go. A picture on the website will give you a little hint.
Both of these races are very well organized and run. Highly recommended.
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