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Ultra Trail Du Temple

Joined: 22 Jan 2024
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Posted: Mon 22 Jan 2024 09:30 am GMT   topTop
Hello everyone,

new member here, informing the lovely Trail runner's community of a new epic event in Sicily, Italy.

UTDT is a new trail running group based on Malta, EU, and launching its first event in Sicily.

Why Sicily? It is a magic island full of history and natural beauty with many areas that still host these historic remains, such as Greek-Roman temples, amphitheatres, chapels, and more.

The 1st race starts from sea-level, by one of Italy's most beautiful white-sanded beaches, cross a magic Marine Reserve/National Park to reach the epic Greek still-standing temple of Segesta.

All details on distances, elevation profiles, registration rules, etc. may be found on https://ultratraildutemple.com/

I hope to se many of you there.

Regards and happy trailing