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Ultra's in Lower Alabama?

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Alabama, United States
Posted: Wed 14 Jul 2010 09:41 pm GMT   topTop
I'm currently in lower Alabama for next year or so and have a rough time finding running events, let alone ultra's. The best race I've done so far is the Troy Odyssey 1/2 marathon, it had an awesome small town feel to it. Does anyone know of any crazy, swamp trampling, river crossing, mud filled, super cool races or any ultra in the area? It just seems like there would be. I'm about to give up and switch to triathlons, they are fairly frequent in the Panama City area.

Thanks for any info!!

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Alabama, United States
Posted: Mon 26 Jul 2010 07:59 pm GMT   topTop
Hey dude,
Coincidentally there are a few VERY good ultra runs in central Alabama, but none in the souther part, that I know of. There are also some in GA that are closer to the south, near Columbus, GA. I would HIGHLY recommend checking out the Pinhoti100, www.pinhoti100.com The Pinhoti trail is a 500 mile trail through the Talladega National Forest in Alabama, that now connects to the AT. The Pinhoti100 this year will run November 6th or 7th. Some have called it the Wester States 100 of the south east so its definitely a fun and challenging race. Check it out!

You might find the pinhoti trail alliance website to also be informative. The Pinhoti trail is beautiful and peaceful as not many people know about it.

Also, there is the Mount Cheaha 50K, also run on the Pinhoti trail in Feb/March. http://www.pinhoti100.com/mountcheaha50k/

Todd Henderson is the race director for both races and he lives in the area. You can find him on Facebook. He also frequently organizes some training runs on the actual course. Wayne, a fast local does ultra training runs every weekend, ask Todd to put you in touch with him.

I've been living in Alabama for 4 years and luckily only 5 minutes from a good Pihhoti trailhead but unfortunately the company I'm working for decided to move our facility far away so I'm out of a job. The next job I'm getting is taking me far up north (Wisconsin) in a few weeks. Otherwise I'd welcome you to stay over and do training runs with me...

Best of luck!
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Mississippi, United States
Posted: Sat 23 Jul 2011 03:21 am GMT   topTop
Try the Mississippi 50, it's pretty close to you. Great trail race in February Or March, 20 miles to 100 miles. Google MS 50