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Intro & Q's... joining you crazies?

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Florida, United States
Posted: Thu 22 Apr 2010 09:33 pm GMT   topTop
Hi there! I just found this site & joined.

About me: 21 y/o female in FL. I've been active my whole life, mostly playing very competitive team sports. Once I stopped being on teams, I became bored: now what? So, I started running to stay in shape, but one day it clicked that I really loved it! I've done a few road-races & 2 half-marathons, finishing pretty well in all of them. I could be a lot better/faster, but my training was off of however I felt for that day...

Anyway, trails are where it's at! I don't live terribly close to trails, but once I did my 1st trail race, I never wanted to run on the road again. I love the grittiness and pure nature of outdoors. I love the possibility of getting dirty, hurt, and having obstacles in my way! I have no formal training, but incorporate weights and core work a few times each week, as well as road-biking, swimming, and other forms of cardio. I eat pretty well and feel energetic. I know I need to step up my game if (when) I take the next step!

I've never done a marathon- on roads or trails- but the thought of an ultra & on trails excites me more! Am I crazy to jump from my longest run at 15 miles (longest race= 13.1 miles), to signing up for an ultra-marathon??? I'd love to be! :)

I've done some research on training and races. When could I expect to be ready to run at least a 50k? How/how long/what can I expect from training? I understand, living in FL, wanting to run on challenging trails, I'd have to get on a stair-climber or find some stairs and elevation to race on most trails! I'm hard working & up for the challenge... beat me up, kids!
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Maine, United States
Posted: Sat 08 May 2010 04:04 am GMT   topTop

I myself am a novice. I have never run longer than a marathon and I am now itching for a 50.

I am probably not the best person for advice because I have no ultra experience either. However I have run since 8th grade and I can tell you a few things that I think are valuable...

1- There is a big difference between 20 and 26 miles. and I imagine there is a bigger difference between 35 miles and 50. You might be ready for more but there is no way to know. If you have never run more than 15 miles you may be able to do a 30 or even 50 miler but you will certainly have to go MUCH slower and it would make sense to adopt a "run walk" strategy.

2- 5 miles doesn't seem like a lot unless you have already run 30 or 40. I still remember my first full marathon. I distinctly remember at the 25 mile marker being concerned if the .2 miles was already accounted for!! I was actually worried about an extra .2 miles!! The effects are cumulative and the longer you go distance wise the more strategy plays a role and little variables like weather, gear, nutrition, chafing, wind mood ect ect ect take on a bigger role either hurting or helping. This is where the experience of how you over came adversity and turned things around helps. Knowledge of what has helped or hurt in the past becomes very valuable.

3- What we can or can't do is mostly in our heads. When you take off on a 10 mile run the first 2 or 3miles fly by, because we have mentally prepared for a 10 mile run. If you were doing a 3 mile speed work run and right at the end your training buddy insisted on one more mile it would be brutal. That is because we were only prepared for 3 miles.

4- Getting advice from some people who are truly experienced is great. Talk to as many as you can. Take from them what works for you and discard what doesn't . and TREAT YOURSELF AS AN EXPERIMENT ON ONE...YOU ARE A UNIQUE HUMAN IN THIS WORLD AND YOU HAVE TO FIND WHAT WORKS FOR YOU.

Good Luck,


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