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is it reasonable?

Joined: 03 Jun 2010
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Colorado, United States
Posted: Thu 03 Jun 2010 05:29 pm GMT   topTop
i am currently at a running load of between 25 and 35 miles a week with a long run around 12 miles. most of these miles are at 5500ft elevation and with little gain/loss.

i am considering trying the steamboat 50 as my first ultra. my background has been in ironman, and i am used to training quite a bit and recover relatively fast.

the course does worry me (as it should) http://www.steamboat50.com/ it starts at about 6500ft and goes up to 10,600ft with approx 9,000ft of climbing... not only the fact that it is 50 miles. i would only have until sept 18th to build up and get a lot more distance and elevation under my belt.

is this reasonable, or should i just look for a race for next year?

thanks, brad
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Maine, United States
Posted: Sat 05 Jun 2010 03:26 pm GMT   topTop
I tired to get some solid advice before I jumped into my first 50 miler and everything I heard was different. That probably lends itself to the fact that WE are all different.

I get tired of saying this and hearing it but there is much truth to the , “EXPERIMENT OF ONE” statement.

What will work for some won't work for others and vice vs. I had only run 3 marathons before I jumped into my first 50 mile race. I had modest goals of finishing under 12 hrs and have fun and not get injured. I ran conservatively and used a run walk strategy. A lot of people told me I couldn't or shouldn't do it. Some said I would have no problem. Well, it worked out just fine... I came in 11 hrs 43 minutes and was sore for as few days but back to running in 5 days.

As for your question, my 2 cents is that I think it would be best if you could work up to at least marathon distance on similar terrain and altitude as the 50 mile race you hope to do. If you can find a marathon or better yet 50K that is 3 weeks before Steamboat and then taper back you should be good. I also feel that it is better to be 10% under trained that 1% over trained. That way on race day you show up uninjured, rested ready and hungry to perform.

I think the 50 miler is very doable for you, if you just want to finish before the cut off time. The only thing up in the air is what goals you have.


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