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Ultra Scholarship

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Oregon, United States
Posted: Tue 22 Feb 2011 10:32 pm GMT   topTop
Hi, Folks.

I am running my first ultra-marathon this spring and doing it as a scholarship for one of my students at the school where I work. The scholarship is intended to reward a senior who has demonstrated endurance in the face of getting an education. I have been and will continue to blog about it with the intention of drawing parallels between running, topics of endurance, and the pursuit of education. I am asking people to make pledges per mile completed (hopefully I will go the complete 50 miles). That is how I am funding the scholarship. Please check out the blog. If you are interested, there are links on the side page about the scholarship itself and how you can support me.

I wanted to share this with the ultra community. Who knows better the concept of endurance than ultra-runners themselves!

Thanks for your support and for checking out the blog.


Jonathan Barrett