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Ultra training post ACL surgery

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Massachusetts, United States
Posted: Wed 11 Dec 2019 08:59 pm GMT   topTop
Greetings, I had ACL reconstruction 4/2019 and rehab has been going well. I got cleared to start running again in october and gradually increased mileage up to about 7 miles in a month which was pretty agressive according to PT. I felt great though and wasn't trying to break any land-speed records. unfortunately, last month out for mellow trail run in VT, got some pain on outside of repaired knee. PT said possible IT band issue or meniscus aggravation (meniscus already has damage according to MRI but surgeon said no need to repair because cartilage is good). My goal is to get back at it & get ready for 88k infinitus race in June and VT 50 in September 2020. Any suggestions for training regi or recommendations? thanks all!!