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Anton Krupicka

Bozeman, MT

Anton Krupicka is one of the youngest stars in ultrarunning and is certainly not your typical ultrarunner. Anton is known for his simplistic approach to running and his intense training schedule. He generally logs over 200 miles a week and many of these miles are without shoes.

Anton's interest in running began at the early age of 11, growing up in a small farming community in Nebraska near the Missouri River. In the 6th grade, Anton decided to train for the timed mile component of the Presidential Fitness Test. He ran every day that year to train for the test and has yet to stop running. Anton completed his first road marathon at a mere 12 years of age.

Although Anton developed his passion for running trails in the hills and dirt back roads of the Nebraska hills, he did not fully thrive until moving to the mountains of Colorado Springs after high school. Anton graduated from Colorado College in 2005 and shortly after began competing in ultras winning the Estes Park Marathon and High Mountain 50K with course records in 2006. He also went on to win the Leadville 100 in both 2006 and 2007 with a stellar performance in 2007 finishing with the second fastest time ever and 3 1/4 hours ahead of the nearest competitor.

Anton currently lives in Bozeman, MT and is attending graduate school at Montana State University. He says that he is currently training and trying to run as much as possible with the hopes of gaining a bigger presence within the ultra running community.

Anton has a unique approach to training and competing which is termed by others as a �%u20AC%u02DCreturn to simplicity.' He advises people to ditch the training plans and to not get caught up in conventional gadgetry such as stopwatches, camelbacks, heart rate monitors, and energy gels. He sees running as an opportunity to return to a more primal state of being and encourages others to let running return to its simpler, original state. His training plan appears to be to simply run and run as much as possible. With such an impressive start and at only age 25, we should expect to see great things from Anton Krupicka.

Career Highlights
  • Estes Park Marathon %u2013 1st place and course record (2006)
  • High Mountain 50K %u2013 1st place and course record (2006)
  • Leadville Trail 100 %u2013 1st place (2006 & 2007)
  • Rocky Raccoon 100 %u2013 1st place (2007)

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