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Krissy Moehl

Bend, OR

Krissy Moehl grew up in Bow, Washington and spent her youth participating in every activity you could imagine (tap dancing, bowling, horseback riding, ballet, etc.). She started running track in grade school and cross-country in high school and eventually became an 800-meter specialist, which she pursued throughout college at the University of Washington. In her senior year of college, Krissy took a job at the Seattle Running Company. She was eventually pressured into some trail running by co-worker and elite endurance athletes Scott Jurek and Scott McCoubrey. It took several months of persuasion to get Krissy out on the trails, but once she was out she was hooked. Krissy continued to run with her co-workers, started logging longer miles, and became totally intrigued with the sport grilling seasoned ultra runners for advice.

Just 3 months after her first trail run, Krissy easily won the Bellingham, WA Chuckanut 50K women's division with a new course record. In 2005 and at age 27, Krissy completed the Grand Slam of Ultrarunning (consisting of the oldest 100 mile races in the country: Western States 100, Vermont 100, Leadville 100, and the Wasatch Front 100) and became the youngest individual to accomplish such a feat and currently holds the second fastest cumulative time for women. She had an amazing year in 2007 competing in two of the most difficult hundred mile races. Krissy was the female winner and set new female course records in both the HURT and Hardrock. Krissy has earned an incredibly impressive ultrarunning resume in just seven years of competing. To date, she has over 65 ultrarunning finishes with 33 female wins.

Krissy learned early on that her body does not tolerate high-mileage training. She typically runs 60 to 70 miles a week, while most ultrarunners train in the 100 mile range. Krissy makes up this deficit by cardio and weight training in the gym, biking, and yoga.

Krissy has recently moved to Bend, OR to take a job with the Conservation Alliance as their second paid employee. The Conservation Alliance is an organization that helps protect wild and scenic places by engaging outdoor industry in conservation efforts. In addition, she keeps herself busy working with "Girls on the Run" an after school program that teaches self-worth, healthy lifestyles, and body image through running. She also acts as the race director for her first ultra, the Chuckanut 50K.

Career Highlights

  • Wasatch 100 %uFFFD 1st place female division (2004)
  • Grand Slam of Ultrarunning (2005)
  • HURT 100 mile in Hawaii %uFFFD 1st place female and new female course record (2007)
  • Hardrock - 1st place female and new female course record (2007)
  • Grand Slam of Ultrarunning (2005)
  • Performance of the Year %uFFFD Ultrarunning Magazine (2007 Hardrock)

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